WordPress Development Environment

The Types of Local Environment

There are numerous different options available for local development environments. These environments generally fall into one of the following buckets:

  1. Traditional XAMPP – Runs the server on one’s native machine. These solutions have been around the longest, oftentimes aren’t WP specific.
  2. New XAMPP – These tend to be WP specific, may include a slick UI, and generally hide more of the implementation details (e.g. one doesn’t see as much of the servers running on one’s system in day-to-day use).
  3. Vagrant/Virtual Machine – Use a full VM, usually managed by Vagrant to make provisioning quicker. This solution has been around for quite some time and tends to be simpl(ish) to implement.
  4. Docker/Container – Unsurprisingly, WP has seen a significant interest in using the massively popular container ecosystem. This is similar to using Vagrant/Virtual Machine, but tends to be a bit more complex to implement.


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