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Note: The documentation oftentimes has one title while the permalink is another. In this case I’ve included the permalink title in parentheses after the proper page title where I thought it would be useful.

Note: I find the PhpStorm documentation somewhat difficult to follow. It is very DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) which means you have to navigate across multiple pages to gain the information on completing one process. I’ve attempted to provide opinionated guidance where I thought it would be useful.


Core WP

  • WordPress (Using WordPress Content Management System) – The top-level of documentation for PhpStorm’s integration with WP. Not a ton here, mainly a landing page for the more detailed contents below.
  • Getting Started with WordPress (Preparing to Use WordPress) – Instructions on how to use PhpStorm with a full WP install or WP-CLI.
  • WordPress-Specific Coding Assistance – To receive coding assistance one needs to add the WP install as an “external library” or include the entire install as the project.
    • In practice, I’ve found the former difficult and have seen the latter recommended.
    • You may or may not want to enable the WP code style. There has been some movement within the WP community (see, e.g., Tom McFarlin and Josh Pollock) to use PHP PSR standards instead.
    • You can also do static code analysis using PHP_CodeSniffer.
  • WP-CLI Command Line Tool – Instructions on utilize WP-CLI with PhpStorm.

Peripheral WP


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