Directories Pro by Sabai Apps

Directories Pro written by Sabai Apps is a premium WordPress plugin for creating directory-style websites and can be purchased on CodeCanyon for $39.

Who Is Sabai Apps?

There is not a ton of information available about the who behind Sabai Apps. Even whether it is a lone wolf developer or a team is unclear, for ease of reference we will refer to them in the plural throughout this article. One tidbit we do know is that they are based out of Japan.

Their username on CodeCanyon is onokazu and they have been on CodeCanyon since 2011 (7 years!). They sell three products:

  • Directories Pro – The product we are evaluating here and their newest product.
  • Sabai Directory – Originally released in 2013, this is the predecessor to Directories Pro. It was initially meant to be the 2.0 release of this product, but due to the extensive rewrite they decided to release it as a separate product.
    • It has a 4.53 rating on CodeCanyon from 664 reviews as of Aug. 12th, 2018.
    • It has been the most popular WordPress directories plugin on CodeCanyon for quite some time, though this is likely to move to Directories Pro as time progresses.
    • It is possible to export Sabai Directory’s contents to Directories Pro.
    • Sabai recommends purchasing Directories Pro instead of Sabai Directory if you aren’t already utilizing Safari Directory.
  • Sabai Discuss – Originally released in Nov. 2012, this software is similar in functionality to StackOverflow.
    • It has a 4.43 rating on CodeCanyon froom 274 reviews as of Aug. 12th, 2018.

Quick Links to Directories Pro Resources

Here are the resources you will most frequently utilize if you decide to purchase and install Directories Pro:

  • Directories Pro Documentation – The documentation is fairly thorough and of good quality.
  • Directories Pro Comments – Unfortunately, Sabai Apps has not created their own discussion forum for users of their product but instead use the quite limited commenting cabilities of CodeCanyon.
  • Directories Pro Blog – They have been faithful in providing detailed release notes with each new version of the software.
  • Directories Pro Demo – A live demo of the Directories Pro software, its major weakness is its lack of responsiveness on smaller devices.
  • Directories Pro Support Page (on CodeCanyon) – Has answers to a very few questions as well as a means of contacting the author.
    • I, personally, post (almost) everything in the comments thread despite its limitations. This is answered frequently and creates a public repository of knowledge.
  • Directories Pro Support Page – This is the support page on Directory Pro’s own website, which is simply a form, and they prefer you use the CodeCanyon support page referenced above.
  • Other links one might find useful are the CodeCanyon Directories’ Pro listing page and the main page of the Directories Pro website.

Current Observations on Directories Pro

Let me start by saying that overall I am impressed with the Directories Pro software. For the purpose of this section, however, I will focus on potential issues I have ovserved with the software as they are likely more useful to those considering its purchase.

  • One of the largest weaknesses of Directories Pro is its lack of an official forum for discussing the software by its users.
    • This discourages users from sharing code modifications they have made that may be helpful to others.
    • It makes it difficult to find answers to questions even if they have been asked repeatedly.
    • The support of users by their peers is not encouraged due to the lack of a forum.
    • IMHO, one way that Sabai Apps could offload a lot of their support requests and focus more on development is by setting up a user forum.

Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

These FAQ’s are garnered primarily from the comments on CodeCanyon. I find the comments to be quite awkward and difficult to utilize well and have included these Q&A’s here to provide a hopefully more helpful experience.

  • Can one create relationships between multiple directories? For example, artists and their albums?
  • What are the differences between Sabai Directory and Directories Pro?
    • There are a number of differences between the two products. They are not based on the same code, Directories Pro is a complete rewrite.
    • One significant change is in the increased use of WP’s built-in tables rather than custom tables to provide smoother integration with other plugins (e.g. Yoast SEO) and core WP functionality.
    • There are some features in Sabai Directory that are not included in Directories Pro and vice versa. For example, Directories Pro does not currently support using the OpenStreetMap API and there is no current plan for myCRED integration as is available with Sabai Directory.
    • While Sabai Directory is still actively maintained, most development is going into Directories Pro.
  • Can I customize the permalinks used for listings (posts) and terms?
  • Is there a limit to the number of terms one can have associated with a listing?
    • Currently term data is cached up to 1000 entries which may cause some terms not to appear. One can alter this limit manually in /lib/components/Entity/Helper/TaxonomyTermsHelper.php
    • Edit line 25:
      ->fetch(empty($num) ? 1000 : $num);
    • They plan to add a hook for this to allow configuration from the backend in the future.
  • Does Directories Pro provide listings with the option to have contact forms so individuals can contact the owner of a specific listing (e.g. the business)?
    • Yes, through integrations with third party plugins – currently Contact Form 7, WPForms, and Gravity Forms.
  • Can one edit the template used for individual listings, e.g. to avoid having to edit a single-xxx.php file?
    • This is possible using Content Types > Listing > Manage Displays but the ability to control the actual design (e.g. sidebars/page builders) is planned for 1.2.0.
  • Is it possible to integrate Directories Pro with BuddyPress?
  • How do I display some of a listing’s content in a sidebar such as is shown on the demo site?

The above FAQ’s are taken from discussions on the first page of comments on CodeCanyon relating to Directories Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

The FAQ’s found here are primarily taken from the CodeCanyon comments section for the Directories Pro plugin, page 2.

  • How can I auto-assign the first image file for a listing as the featured image whenever a directory listing is added/updated?
    • Use the following code:
      add_action(‘drts_entity_create_post_entity_success’, ‘my_drts_entity_create_post_entity_succes’, 10, 2);
      add_action(‘drts)_entity_create_post_entity_succes’, 10, 2);

      function my_drts_entity_create_post_entity_succes($bundle, $entity) {
      if ($bundle->type === ‘directory__listing’) {
      if ($value = $entity->getSingleFieldValue(‘directory_photos’)) {
      set_post_thumbnail($entity->getId(), $value[‘attachment_id’]);
  • When I attempt to go to the dashboard of my directory it redirects to the main WordPress directory, why?
    • This occurs when you have not configured a valid purchase code in Directories Pro.
  • Can I customize/edit the fields of listings?
  • Can add listing forms include dropdrowns, checkboxes, and multi-choice fields?
    • Yes.
  • Can I limit the maximum number of characters for text fields?
    • Not currently.
  • Does Directories Pro support (name) membership plugin?
    • Directories Pro should work with any user management plugin, including Ultimate Membership Pro.
  • Will Directories Pro work with (name) theme?
    • Directories Pro should work with almost any theme.
  • How do I customize the listing CSS styles?
  • How can I return the content of my directory in a customized manner?
  • How can I get an individual add listing page for each type of directory listing?
    • Append ?bundle=[listing_post_type_name] to the URL of the add listing page.
    • For example, https://yourdomain/add-directory-listing?bundle=directory_dir_ltg
    • You can find the listing post type name in Directories –> [Your Directory] –> Content Types –> Name Column.
  • Can I use categories associated with another post type, such as blog posts, for my directory?
    • This is not currently possible.
  • When viewing the frontend directory dashboard I cannot see all of my directory listing types. Why?
    • You may need to enable dashboards panels for the non-visible directories.
    • To do so, go to Directories –> Settings –> Dashboard –> Dashboard Panel Settings.
  • Can I charge users for individual product listings under their directory listing?
    • Official Response: This is not currently possible.
    • My Response: This might be possible using multiple directories. You could have a directory that had the main listings (e.g. business) and then another directory you referred to that had individual product listings.
  • How can I add filters to my filter form?
    • Directories –> [Your Directory] –> Content Types –> Listing –> Manage Views –> Manage Filters.
    • For more details, see the documentation.
  • Is it possible to use Directories Pro for a non-locations based directory?
    • Yes, locations based functionality can be disabled.
  • How many levels can categories have?
    • Unlimited.
  • Is it possible to use Google Maps without using their API?
    • Not in Directories Pro currently, but they plan to add leaflet.js support which will avoid the necessity of the API.
  • What is the minimum version of PHP required by Directories Pro?
    • 5.4.
  • What shortcodes are provided with Directories Pro?
    • drts-directory-view, drts-directory-search, and drts-directory-payment-pricing
    • This doesn’t seem like many, especially compared to Sabai Directory, but the drts-directory-view is quite powerful and customizable and replaces a number of the more specific shortcodes one might otherwise expect.
  • What are the default search fields available when usign the search shortcode?
    • Keyword Search, Location Search, Location Selection Search, and Category Selection Search.
    • See the search documentation for additional details.
  • Does Directories Pro provide any integration?
    • Yes, for listings. Also there is undocumented support for reviews.
  • Why is my directory search shortcode not working?
    • Did you include the directory parameter? Your shortcode should look like: [drts-directory-search directory=”my_directory_name”]
  • Can I make the title of a listing not go to the listing detail page?
    • Yes. If you have a URL custom type field, you can link the title to this field instead of to the details page.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

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