Is it possible to have the filter widgets appear above the listings instead of below when viewing on mobile?

This is a function of your theme and how it handles the sidebar when it collapses into a mobile view. It is not currently possible, though Sabai intends to enhance this functionality:

“What we plan to do is to hide the filter form widget on mobile devices and instead show the filter form above the main content section of the page, similar to how it works when you toggle the fullscreen mode of the map.”

Why do images not always appear correctly on the front end?

Images are cropped to 240×180, if you are using sizes/ratios other than these you may run into problems.


  • You can choose a different version by going to Directories –> [Your Directory] –> Content Types –> Category –> Manage Displays –> (Name of Display to Edit). Edit the Photos display element there and select a different image size.
  • In my (Dave) opinion this is less than ideal and making full use of WP’s responsive images functionality integrated into core in 4.4 should make it possible to avoid this issue entirely.
  • There are also some restrictions on the responsiveness of images caused by Directories Pro’s use of the CSS property background-image for displaying some listing images instead of the HTML img tag. I (Dave) think using img is a better route than background-image for this usage case. See StackOverflow for further discussion of this topic.