Is there a way to show only the map without the listings?

This is not currently possible but is a planned feature. Once implemented you’ll be able to go Directories –> [Your Directory] –> Content Types –> Listing –> Manage Views and use the [drts-directory-view] shortcode generated there.

Can one add a certain listing type to a post or page?

Straight from Sabai Apps:

“You can use the [drts-directory-view] shortcode. If your directory is a photographer directory, then you can go to Directories -> [Your Directory] -> Content Types -> Listing -> Manage Views and click “Add View” to create a view.

In the popup window, enter “View label”, click the “Query Settings” tab, and select “Location – Location” for “Query by field” then enter “Washington” in the text field, as you can see in the screenshot here:

Click “Add View” in the popup window and you will see a shortcode generated for your view on the Manage Views page. You can then use the shortcode on any WordPress post or page.

For more details and examples of views, please see

Is it possible to have the filter widgets appear above the listings instead of below when viewing on mobile?

This is a function of your theme and how it handles the sidebar when it collapses into a mobile view. It is not currently possible, though Sabai intends to enhance this functionality:

“What we plan to do is to hide the filter form widget on mobile devices and instead show the filter form above the main content section of the page, similar to how it works when you toggle the fullscreen mode of the map.”