WordPress Cheat Sheets

  • Raelene Morey. WordPress Developer Super Cheat Sheet. WPMU, 6/2016.
    • Covers the basics of theme development: theme files, include tags, header/bloginfo tags, template tags, and the loop.
  • Mike Wallagher. WordPress Cheat Sheet For Developers. Start Blogging Online, 8/2015.
    • Concise, mainly lists with small definitions. Covers template files, header/bloginfo tags, template tags, navigation, a bunch of misc. useful functions, and the loop.
  • Jamie Spencer. The WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet. Make a Website Hub, 9/2015.
    • Includes most of what is offered in Morey and Wallagher as well as keyboard shortcuts. List is concise, most functions not defined (though usually self-evident from function name).
  • Rachel McCollin. A to Z of WordPress Terminology for Beginners to Advanced. WPMU, 9/2016.
    • Not exactly a cheat sheet but covers a significant number of WordPress terms and concepts, worth at least checking if any are unfamiliar – includes a ToC at beginning of article.