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Resources for learning Gutenberg development. You may also want to refer to the Learn WordPress JavaScript page on this site.



For Beginners

Philosophy and Opinions

  • Craig Hewitt. Lessons Learned Redesigning a SaaS Website with Gutenberg. wp mayor, 2019.
    • Outlines some of the advantages, disadvantages, and roadblocks encountered when refactoring the Castos site with Gutenberg.
  • Leonardo Losoviz. Implications of Thinking in Blocks Instead of Blobs. smashing magazine, 2018.
    • Leonardo highlights the ways in which blocks which change how we develop for the web, along with the advantages/disadvantages of Gutenberg as it is (or was at the time).
  • Mel Choyce. Gutenberg Phase 2. wordpress.org, 2018.
    • Mel discusses the focus of Phase 2 of Gutenberg. If you want to understand where Gutenberg is heading, this helps.

Create Guten Block

Extending Blocks

Converting Shortcodes to Blocks

Reusable Blocks

Inner Blocks

Update Plugins to Use Blocks

Plugins to Build Blocks

Styling Blocks

Other Specific



Gutenberg JavaScript

A Chronology of Gutenberg

Please see the page dedicated to a history of Gutenberg’s development.